About Austin Family Deals

Hello, all!

My name is Michael Warren.

Austin Family Deals began as a Word document that I would update and email or print out for friends over the past few years. The last update I sent out this year resulted in my business partner, Matt Krabbenhoft, asking me why we don't put this into a database and get it online. It would be easier to update and distribute. I said sure. It went from being a simple little database utility on our BoldfaceInc.com site to a full blown website with it's own URL and identity.

In less than a month, the site grew from a sortable list to site that is filled with features from a blog to more categories beyond food. There are rating systems and Google Maps for locations. We are even on Twitter and have a simplified mobile site! Austin Family Deals is here to do its part to help families in the Austin metro area eat and be entertained in family friendly environments, at great prices, without breaking the bank in this volatile economy.

Tell a friend. Now go check out a deal or two or three.

Oh, and if you like the site and want to see more projects like this come out, please tell everyone you know who is in need of graphic and web design and development services to contact us at Austin's very own Boldface Creative.


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